What Is General Surgery?


General surgery is the discipline of medicine concerned with surgery of the abdomen and its contents. It can include a wide range of procedures on a variety of organs and systems. At New York Weight Loss and Surgery and New Jersey Weight Loss and Surgery, we focus on a small subset. By narrowing our focus, Dr. Jonathan Arad has been able to gain valuable insights and experience. He has performed more than 2,000 surgeries and has become a true expert in treating a number of painful or life-threatening conditions.

Dr. Arad performs minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, and includes the following surgeries:

Gallbladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy): The gallbladder is a nonessential organ that sits behind the liver and stores and releases bile, a fluid that helps break down fatty acids during digestion. Some of the substances in bile can harden into whats known as gallstones, which can block the flow of bile out of the gallbladder and cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. The solution to gallstones is removing the gallbladder, a procedure known as cholecystectomy.

Hernia Surgery: A hernia is a general term for a bulge or protrusion. Symptoms can include a noticeable bulge, pain, aching and swelling at the site of the hernia. There are different types of hernia, but at our practices we treat the following:

  • Umbilical hernia: a bulge at the belly button
  • Incisional hernia: tissue protruding from a scar at the site of a previous abdominal operation
  • Ventral hernia: a bulge through the muscles of the abdominal wall

Cyst and Lipoma Removal: Cysts and lipomas are two types of benign (noncancerous) lumps on or under the skin. Cysts are thought to occur from damage to sebaceous glands, which produce oil to keep the skin lubricated. Lipomas are abnormal deposits of fat. Both can be painful and uncomfortable but are easily removed with minimally invasive procedures.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Surgery: GERD affects up to 20 percent of American adults. It is a painful condition in which stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. Though medications to reduce the amount of stomach acid are available, they often cause unwanted side effects. Surgery to treat GERD involves reinforcing the esophagus by wrapping it with part of the stomach, a procedure known as Nissen fundoplication.

At New York Weight Loss and Surgery and New Jersey Weight Loss and Surgery, we stay on the cutting edge of operative techniques, as well as preoperative and postoperative patient care. If you are seeking general surgery performed by a skilled, experienced surgeon, your search is over. Contact us for a consultation today.

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